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Checkout My Latest Market Posts

Hello Market Insider Member,

Remember to check out my latest market posts stay on top of current market conditions.

I’m now posting regular updates in three categories:

Market Morning Huddle: Get a flash update to pre-market conditions and an overview of the macro market environment before the open. This will help be prepared for what “may” happen in the markets that day.

Intra-Day Action Journal: Everyday as part of my daily routine I print and review the action from the S&P 500. In most cases I review the 5 minute action of the $SPY ETF. You can learn a lot about my process and pick up some valuable tips reviewing this daily.

Market Re-cap: Periodically I will give you some end of day insights into the market conditions.  You’ll get some longer term thinking and learn more about inter-market analysis.

Check back often to those pages for the latest updates.

Good trading,

Dave Gagné

CEO & President Dynamic Wealth Financial Inc.
Author Trading Master Plan



Daily Watch List Updates

Here’s today’s daily watch list for 27 Sep 2014