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Survey Free Gift

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Thank you for the testimonial!

I really appreciate the feedback, you’re awesome!

Thank you again for filling out the survey. Here’s the Free gift I promised. This is a webinar presentation by acclaimed author and trader Toni Turner. During this session, Toni will share key points about support and resistance levels on price charts that she has discovered and uses for her own trades—essential key points that can determine whether your trades are winners or losers.

I edited all the fluff and intros so it’s a nice concise video training on the subject. It was nearly an hour but I trimmed it down to around 40 minutes long…time is money your welcome 🙂 !


The very first book I ever read on trading was Toni’s “Beginners guide to Day trading”. It was the book that got me started and really made me see what was possible. It’s a good read, you should pick it up. You’ll definitely see some of Toni’s influences in my own trading style.